Sunday, 4 December 2016

There's Another ... You!

"Headphones, is the only way. Only when I have my headphones in I can remember the normal me, the world that it was two seconds ago, my world that I once lived in and loved."

Sometimes, I laugh at myself whether it's in front of the mirror or in the middle of nowhere... Thinking, whether if God is playing a trick on me or not.

Sometimes, tears would appear because of my anger, because I couldn't believe I would once again allow this to happen to me, because I have met another "someone" who reminds me of the last one... You!

Sometimes, there will be a smile because I have simply and officially given up, because I simply regained that painful feeling in my heart once again...

Sometimes, old scarring isn't able to heal because there is always someone around the corner looking and planning for you ... Waiting to see how you will fall. Waiting to write a play out of your pain! 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

One Person's Luck!


"If one person's luck is already spread out evenly throughout their lifetime, then what is your luck in meeting that one person, being able to talk to them, for them to like you, fall in love, then be together till the end of your life?"

You still have a very long path ahead, are you ready to lose now, and forever leave a mark on your pathway? 
Are you brave enough to let your luck decide on how big and how deep your scar is going to be?
If you've already made the choice to hand over your luck to others then you will need to learn how to smile even if it really hurts.

From now on, tears and heartaches can only be felt by you, yourself. You no longer have the right to complain or ask for help from anyone anymore ... Because it was you who chose this pathway. 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Your Own Crowd!

"Life is like a shooting star. It started off being nothing."  

Sometimes, beautiful things requires a long process of making before turning into anything! 
For everyone, life started of being the same, blank and dull. However, over time and mistakes, our life started to paint different colours, making these blank pieces of papers into master pieces. And as of the outcome ... Well ... There's always a crowd that comes along with each!

Some painting sparkle more than others. 
Some painting speak louder than others. 
Some painting shine brighter than others. 
These painting might look good at it's peek but like flowers and everything else ... It will soon die down, returning to our life just like any ordinary painting!

Life is like a shooting star, it can sparkle, make people crowd around it, but it will also die down. Making what was once bright and breath taking, dark and dull again!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

"Be The Most Attractive And Addicting Perfume There Is!"

"If in 60 odd years someone asks, I can say my wrinkles comes from laughing a lot. Don't just laugh using your mouth, laugh with your eyes and heart too!" 

Not everyone has the strength to smile and laugh, sometimes, a smile or a laugh is used for covering up many secrets, many scars and millions of teardrops. So, why not smile while we still have the strength to?

A smile is like a good perfume, it can travel miles, it can stick and leave one person feeling confident. The difference is ... You have to use money to purchase a bottle of perfume but a smile is free!

Allow yourself to be the most attractive and addicting perfume there is on the market! 
Have a nice day...

Sunday, 3 April 2016


“我才沒有愛你 我們之間怎麼可能
我才沒有恨你 就憑你啊差得遠了
我才沒有倔強 思念眼淚都是胡扯
會擁有心動到可能 別傻了
我才沒有懷念 我們之間有多快樂
我才沒有相信 遇見你有多麼難得
我才沒有嘴硬 說我懂了就不哭了

不管別人問我多少邊: “想不想談戀愛啊?”
我都會回答一樣的答案: “不想”。
常常會聽到別人說偶像劇裡的都是假的,不會在現實生活中發生了。 但如果真的有那一天我也很想像戲裡的主角一樣的... 傻傻的愛一次!起碼我可以說我曾經有愛過,有錯過也有為了你痛哭過...


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Welcome Back, Missed You!

"You were always happy but then suddenly you've became very unhappy all the time."

Let go ... Let it go ... Let everything go! 
Return everything that doesn't belongs to you... Having the courage to give up everything is always hard. The harder and tighter we hold onto them now, the harder it would be to leave it at the end!

If those cuts and scars can't heal, Leave it. 
Let those cuts and scars stay there as a warning sign to help remind yourself along the path that you are going to walk later on in life.
If those cuts and scars hurt and stings, Leave it.
Let them wake you up in pain because then you would always remember how the pain once felt.

And then you would always be able to remember: "After each storm, there is always a rainbow shining somewhere, some very hard to see, some very easy to find but if you look hard enough, you might be able to see a double rainbow shining above and over you." 

Welcome Back...