Thursday, 21 January 2016

Welcome Back, Missed You!

"You were always happy but then suddenly you've became very unhappy all the time."

Let go ... Let it go ... Let everything go! 
Return everything that doesn't belongs to you... Having the courage to give up everything is always hard. The harder and tighter we hold onto them now, the harder it would be to leave it at the end!

If those cuts and scars can't heal, Leave it. 
Let those cuts and scars stay there as a warning sign to help remind yourself along the path that you are going to walk later on in life.
If those cuts and scars hurt and stings, Leave it.
Let them wake you up in pain because then you would always remember how the pain once felt.

And then you would always be able to remember: "After each storm, there is always a rainbow shining somewhere, some very hard to see, some very easy to find but if you look hard enough, you might be able to see a double rainbow shining above and over you." 

Welcome Back...