Sunday, 31 March 2013

"Let Me Fly, I'm Proud To Fly Up High..."

Sometimes we wish to fly up high and far, alone. But without those people keeping us back, we might never know how much we could take in, to chase what we think is our dream!

We always wish to walk our path smoothly but sometimes these things appears and happens not because God hate or dislike us, it could just be a lesson that he wishes us to learn. Casting my mind back through these twenty years, I sometimes think I own some of these people who held me back or dropped me on the spot, a very big thanks! If it wasn’t them… I wonder what kind of person I would be today? 

We always hear a phrase: “Babies and children is like a new white piece of paper, through adults help, these sheets of paper will become very colourful and bright!” If one day everyone reads and see’s this blog, I wish to say a big thanks to everyone who once said something bad, disliked, hated, buillied me. My path was never smooth but just because it was never, it made my sheet of paper very colourful and bright!
Thank You!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Meaning Of Truth...?!

"The faster we walk our path, the harder we will fall!"

We never tend to remember we will fall and that it will hurt too! We always think that we are some kind of super human, able to take in and do everything...
We sometimes even lie to ourself, almost lied too much that we forgot about the meaning of truth? How many of us can life our life in just one colour? White, Grey or Black?