Sunday, 3 May 2015

Because It Is Required Of You.

A little too much, A little over the line, A little bit taken advantaged of ... 

Too many "A little ..." can one day become "A little too much." 
It may all just have started of by you giving others the benefit of the doubt but slowly they will learn that they can take more and more from you and that you will allow them to. But, soon it all becomes required of you. Because it's required of you so you have to change to suit them, because it's require of you so you have to do everything for them, because it's required of you so there is no excuse and because it's required of you, they don't need to say one thank you or one sorry to you.
         It can take One day, One month, One, Two or even Three years before you would say "Enough Is Enough."  
But In the end, you would turn around and look back and you would always thank those who once hurt you "... Because The Greatest Lessons In Life Is Never Learned From Multiple Success Instead, It's From Big And Great Falls In Life."