Sunday, 4 December 2016

There's Another ... You!

"Headphones, is the only way. Only when I have my headphones in I can remember the normal me, the world that it was two seconds ago, my world that I once lived in and loved."

Sometimes, I laugh at myself whether it's in front of the mirror or in the middle of nowhere... Thinking, whether if God is playing a trick on me or not.

Sometimes, tears would appear because of my anger, because I couldn't believe I would once again allow this to happen to me, because I have met another "someone" who reminds me of the last one... You!

Sometimes, there will be a smile because I have simply and officially given up, because I simply regained that painful feeling in my heart once again...

Sometimes, old scarring isn't able to heal because there is always someone around the corner looking and planning for you ... Waiting to see how you will fall. Waiting to write a play out of your pain!