Monday, 27 May 2013

Be Happy For Who We Are!

"Nobody is deeply and truly happy, we would always see people smiling away but what we see is just a snapshot of their life. Those who can be truly happy is babies, because wherever they are their parents are by their side, holding on to their hands, supporting them physically!" 

Life is exciting and terrifying, all because we don't know what would happen next! Some people wishes to stand still in their nightmares but some chooses to walk out and ran away from it... 
We have every single right to choose the way we wish to live our life, life will always have choices for us to make - not none, but if we wish and am brave enough these choices is ours.

So, let's learn to walk by ourselves and no matter what happens remember to say thank you to the mistakes that we once made and will make!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

In Front Of God.

When we walk into a church, the first thing we notice is the people sitting down, closing their eyes to pray to God. But nobody except from themselves know exactly what they are asking or telling God and weather God listening to them or not.   We see so many people coming in and out of a church but how many of them do believe in God?
          Everyone prays for a different reason.
Some because of family, some because of love, some because of work, but the truth is there's always a "I" in the their pray. No matter if we think or say weather we believe God or not, the truth is that from the minute when we decided to step into church, we already depended on God's help.

In front of God we may look small and feel small, but in replacement, God could give us more than we ever wanted."Be happy with what you have could make life worth living for!"