Sunday, 28 August 2016

Your Own Crowd!

"Life is like a shooting star. It started off being nothing."  

Sometimes, beautiful things requires a long process of making before turning into anything! 
For everyone, life started of being the same, blank and dull. However, over time and mistakes, our life started to paint different colours, making these blank pieces of papers into master pieces. And as of the outcome ... Well ... There's always a crowd that comes along with each!

Some painting sparkle more than others. 
Some painting speak louder than others. 
Some painting shine brighter than others. 
These painting might look good at it's peek but like flowers and everything else ... It will soon die down, returning to our life just like any ordinary painting!

Life is like a shooting star, it can sparkle, make people crowd around it, but it will also die down. Making what was once bright and breath taking, dark and dull again!