Saturday, 14 December 2013

Limited ...!

We always hear other people say : "Live your life to the fullest and treasure every moment!" 
                  Sometimes life can make us feel so faithful ... but at the same time as we are happy, on the other side of the world someone, somewhere is miserable! 

We are always made to face our fears and except the truth in life, you will sometimes think we have seen everything and that we can face anything now but ... What about death? Can you face death? Seeing someone you love slowly stop breathing, slowly closing their eyes, slowly becoming very quiet... And slowly their heart stops. And when you relies that the heart has stopped, everything could become "Too Little, Too Late!" already.

Life is very short and time is limited, treasure every little moment with your love one(s)!
Learn to not relies too late and be the best that you can be at this moment is already more than enough.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Believing In Your Own Lies.

This world is filled with many people and objects etc... 
You would always hear others saying this and that is dangerous. But the most dangerous thing which exists in this world is us, people! There is always one million or more ways to look at a person, and sometimes no matter how many chances you receive, you could still guess them wrong! Could it be because everyone is living in this world wearing a mask? And is it true that : "By pretending to be another person can prevent you getting hurt?" 

Life is always full of questions and nobody in this world could answer all of them. So, why not let them fly pass us? Let us be the one who controls our path ahead and not these questions! 
"Live life with a smile and the days will pass by more quicker!"

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Triangel, Guardian Angel of Love.

A lot of people know that in this world there is a doll call "Triangel"
Or it's other name, "Guardian Angel of Love." However, not everyone understand the story behind this doll! 

A long time ago in Italy there was a love story, a young lady fell in love with a young man but at 
the time, the young man was cursed to fall for a witch. 
When the young lady noticed she was very upset, she then cried day and night in front of the window. 
She wished for nothing but for God to help let that young man see the witch using his own eyes.
Her tears convinced and touched God so, the next day God sent her a Triangel. 
And finally one day the young man noticed that his real love is the young lady and the lady in front of him is nothing but a witch. 

Sometimes, one simple object could have a meaningful story behind it. 
Everything could be read differently as long as you use positive thinking!

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Missing Piece...

"Once You Are Gone, Your Shadow Is What I Have Left Of You!" 
Days will still go by even if you are happy or unhappy, so why waste so much time caught up in that one moment?
Be happy to be able to live in this world, a lot of people could be born but not everyone could live after birth. And yet not a lot of people could life as wealthy or half as happy or even half as healthy as you are. 
Be happy for who you are and what shaped you into "Today's You!" 

Life is always a roller coaster, you are never able to count how many ups or downs you have because life and time passes by us so fast. Sometimes, people can deliver news to us that perhaps doesn't make us very happy or even upset but, if it is the best for them, then why not smile and let it or them go! What is meant to be yours will come around one day.

Treasure those memories. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Part Of Growing Up!

Sometimes it is very hard being an adult, everything seemed a lot easier when we were young!
      Now that we are older, we get to make most of our own decisions. However, sometimes it's hard to not ask ourselves if we are making these decisions because of wanting to please others or because we (yourself) like those choices/changes?!
People we might care for, will leave you one by one... No matter how much you will miss them you need to remember, by smiling in front of them will help them worry about one less thing (You.

Sometimes being a grown up sounds harsh and scary. However, the truth is, it is scary because you simply don't know what is going to happen next. Sometimes is alright to be in charge of your faith. Make the changes and put it in to place if you want those changes and choices to exist in your life! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

"Because Sometimes Faith Can Pass You By...!"

Some people say: "Each person's faith is different and when it's designed for you and only you, no matter how far you run away from it, it will still be yours."
            Sometimes we couldn't help but to think what if one day I pass you by and that's us? Missed...
Sometimes life is worth a laugh because even though timing could be right, we could still miss...
Some people believe that they could be together until God decides to put a full stop to their life. However, there is those who keeps trying and trying and trying but at the end of the day they are still alone!  What can we do? But to keep wishing that,  that day and moment would come to us very soon.

Sometimes life is not only worth a laugh, a smile, a cry, a argument but the false hopes and faith that comes along side, which makes us grow up and become the person who we are today!
          So be brave and let faith pass us by! And believe in without faith we could still smile and make the most of our life!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Be Happy For Who We Are!

"Nobody is deeply and truly happy, we would always see people smiling away but what we see is just a snapshot of their life. Those who can be truly happy is babies, because wherever they are their parents are by their side, holding on to their hands, supporting them physically!" 

Life is exciting and terrifying, all because we don't know what would happen next! Some people wishes to stand still in their nightmares but some chooses to walk out and ran away from it... 
We have every single right to choose the way we wish to live our life, life will always have choices for us to make - not none, but if we wish and am brave enough these choices is ours.

So, let's learn to walk by ourselves and no matter what happens remember to say thank you to the mistakes that we once made and will make!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

In Front Of God.

When we walk into a church, the first thing we notice is the people sitting down, closing their eyes to pray to God. But nobody except from themselves know exactly what they are asking or telling God and weather God listening to them or not.   We see so many people coming in and out of a church but how many of them do believe in God?
          Everyone prays for a different reason.
Some because of family, some because of love, some because of work, but the truth is there's always a "I" in the their pray. No matter if we think or say weather we believe God or not, the truth is that from the minute when we decided to step into church, we already depended on God's help.

In front of God we may look small and feel small, but in replacement, God could give us more than we ever wanted."Be happy with what you have could make life worth living for!"

Sunday, 31 March 2013

"Let Me Fly, I'm Proud To Fly Up High..."

Sometimes we wish to fly up high and far, alone. But without those people keeping us back, we might never know how much we could take in, to chase what we think is our dream!

We always wish to walk our path smoothly but sometimes these things appears and happens not because God hate or dislike us, it could just be a lesson that he wishes us to learn. Casting my mind back through these twenty years, I sometimes think I own some of these people who held me back or dropped me on the spot, a very big thanks! If it wasn’t them… I wonder what kind of person I would be today? 

We always hear a phrase: “Babies and children is like a new white piece of paper, through adults help, these sheets of paper will become very colourful and bright!” If one day everyone reads and see’s this blog, I wish to say a big thanks to everyone who once said something bad, disliked, hated, buillied me. My path was never smooth but just because it was never, it made my sheet of paper very colourful and bright!
Thank You!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Meaning Of Truth...?!

"The faster we walk our path, the harder we will fall!"

We never tend to remember we will fall and that it will hurt too! We always think that we are some kind of super human, able to take in and do everything...
We sometimes even lie to ourself, almost lied too much that we forgot about the meaning of truth? How many of us can life our life in just one colour? White, Grey or Black?

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

No Way Out Anymore?!

Sometimes, one person doesn't have to say much. One word could express and explain everything!

I used to always live in reality but now I found myself living in both world, fake and real. My heart feels so ... so ... so sore whenever I take a breath. Has this always been a wrong decision or will it get better one day?

I wish... I wish... ?!
God, I can let go of everything, everything! I just want a smooth and happy path.