Saturday, 14 December 2013

Limited ...!

We always hear other people say : "Live your life to the fullest and treasure every moment!" 
                  Sometimes life can make us feel so faithful ... but at the same time as we are happy, on the other side of the world someone, somewhere is miserable! 

We are always made to face our fears and except the truth in life, you will sometimes think we have seen everything and that we can face anything now but ... What about death? Can you face death? Seeing someone you love slowly stop breathing, slowly closing their eyes, slowly becoming very quiet... And slowly their heart stops. And when you relies that the heart has stopped, everything could become "Too Little, Too Late!" already.

Life is very short and time is limited, treasure every little moment with your love one(s)!
Learn to not relies too late and be the best that you can be at this moment is already more than enough.