Sunday, 1 September 2013

Triangel, Guardian Angel of Love.

A lot of people know that in this world there is a doll call "Triangel"
Or it's other name, "Guardian Angel of Love." However, not everyone understand the story behind this doll! 

A long time ago in Italy there was a love story, a young lady fell in love with a young man but at 
the time, the young man was cursed to fall for a witch. 
When the young lady noticed she was very upset, she then cried day and night in front of the window. 
She wished for nothing but for God to help let that young man see the witch using his own eyes.
Her tears convinced and touched God so, the next day God sent her a Triangel. 
And finally one day the young man noticed that his real love is the young lady and the lady in front of him is nothing but a witch. 

Sometimes, one simple object could have a meaningful story behind it. 
Everything could be read differently as long as you use positive thinking!