Friday, 12 July 2013

The Missing Piece...

"Once You Are Gone, Your Shadow Is What I Have Left Of You!" 
Days will still go by even if you are happy or unhappy, so why waste so much time caught up in that one moment?
Be happy to be able to live in this world, a lot of people could be born but not everyone could live after birth. And yet not a lot of people could life as wealthy or half as happy or even half as healthy as you are. 
Be happy for who you are and what shaped you into "Today's You!" 

Life is always a roller coaster, you are never able to count how many ups or downs you have because life and time passes by us so fast. Sometimes, people can deliver news to us that perhaps doesn't make us very happy or even upset but, if it is the best for them, then why not smile and let it or them go! What is meant to be yours will come around one day.

Treasure those memories.