Monday, 17 September 2012

We Don't Have The Right To Decide...

Human can sometimes be so weird... We look at ourselves in the mirror nearly every day but we can still get puzzled with who's in the mirror. We don't know much more about ourselves than others do!
 We stand there in front of the mirror, staring at ourselves just like two people meeting for the first time.
            I once heard someone saying: "Inside each person's heart there is a box which only belongs to us and this box is where we keep everything that we consider as deep dark secrets. However, sometimes not even that person him/herself would know how to open that box and fix what is inside." 

We sometimes hold on to our feelings a little too tight and too long! Sometimes not even us.. know whether we still have those feelings or did we just simply got used to saying that we do. Time could help us heal but could also take away something that is important to us.

"When we have learnt how to let go, then that is when you really understand who you really are. Some people use their whole life to learn how to let go but there are also those who only need half of their life time to learn it. How long it takes isn't being decided by ourselves but by God and time."