Friday, 7 September 2012

Return To Reality!

Ever since when I was young airport was like my heaven because all I could remember is that whenever I go to an airport it then means I am going back to my home, a place full of my happiness! However, as days goes by, as I started to age and as my thoughts started to change... everything changed.
       Someone once told me that: "When you are young everything seems to be very far away because your legs could only walk one step wide at a time whereas, adults could walk two... three steps wide at a time!"
Airport was no longer my heaven anymore, in fact.... sometimes it makes me feel like I'm in hell. The feeling of leaving my love ones behind hurts so bad that my heart feels like it's been ripped apart into millions of little piece.

The amount of excitement going to back home can make me scream so loud, it could even hurt my throat afterwards but the excitement seems to cure everything... every single thing. But, like everything else feelings won't last forever and holidays won't too...  
My dreams has ended, it's time to return to reality!