Sunday, 4 January 2015

Desires And Wishes.

"Always Hold Your Desires And Wishes To Heart To Learn The True Lessons In Life." 

         We all have a set of desires and wishes that may allows us to think they belong to us and that we control them but ... The truth is there is only a slight fine line in between us and it. Is it us that controls it or is it controlling us? Will it finally explode and will it be big enough to make an impact on us?
One year after another, We might tell ourselves if we keep trying and have the courage, we can change what we think is the truth. We might all once tried to write our desires and wishes over the truth but it's not to return it what doesn't belong to us. 

Don't try to over write what once was the truth. 
It's never too late to wake up and return it to others, you will find that every breath you take, without your desires and wishes taking over you ... Is a new page in life!