Sunday, 15 June 2014

Giving It Your Everything.

Many people live their life on a day to day basis, not knowing whether if they are living it because/for someone or for themselves. It might have just started of by saying what others would like them to say: "I like it!", but slowly even themselves doesn't know whether they truly like it or just saying it. 
           Those who truly like something will give their everything to achieve the best of it and will always find every moment a joy because it's them who choose that path. Whereas, for those who are there just to follow others foot step will find every moment a obstacle and when something strikes them, even the smallest thing, will knock them out! 
           Living life as other plans it can make you struggle to breath, you will spend every moment doubting your own actions, you will spend your time dreaming the real outside world when others are living in fear of it!

Will there be a day that the words "I like it" isn't as hard to say as today's?