Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Unsinkable Titanic...!

Not one of us is born without greed in our personality, Nobody in Titanic wishes there life to end in that way, but not everyone could choose and have control of their life!
                Them all... Wishing for nothing but a new life and a new beginning after this journey however, their life ended because of a decision they once made. There was no such thing as Unsinkable. Life is like living on a Ferris wheel, when your up high you never wish to come back down because you  feel like everything is being controlled by you. However, when your at the bottom... Your no different to other people... Your the one being controlled.

"To survive in this world we could only keep walking, no matter how tall you are at.... There is simply no full stop to our life path. You could choose to be either, the one in control or be the one who is being controlled!"